Semester Reflection

This semester in Social Media Technology has been chaotic. Even though this was the first semester it was ever taught at K-State Salina, I feel that there should have been more purpose to the class. So, for what it’s worth, this is what I feel should definitely be changed or improved in the class.

The biggest thing I can stress, as a student, is. . .


Give your students a purpose for what they’re supposed to be doing. And no, doing something just because it was asked of them does not count. Why are we blogging? What are we blogging about? Why are we posting articles to Diigo? And the list continues.


I understand that blogging is a part of Social Media, and it seems to be one of your favorite things to promote. But, this seems to be the only part of social media that is really stressed in this course. We are asked to blog for a whole semester (which we’ve had to do in multiple classes). You would always make a point to tell us how you were impressed or happy that the number of blog posts were increasing after pushing it again and again. We never actually did this with any other social media platform though.

So, my suggestion would be, if you want to include blogging, great! But push blogging hard for 2-3 weeks, and then move on to another platform. And don’t just have them blog just to blog. Give them a purpose. Maybe one student focuses on promoting their work, and another makes a foodie blog, and etc.

That leads me to my next point. . .

Social Media Experiments

You had each of us choose 3 platforms that we had never used, or did not frequently use. This was not a bad idea at all; in fact, it had plenty of potential! But, it did not go any further than telling us to use the platforms and having us provide the links to everyone else. Unless we took the initiative to write about our experience in our blogs, there was never an update on how things were going.

I think we could have taken 2 or 3 class periods, when we didn’t have anything planned, to sit down and have a class discussion on the progress we were making on social media, what we were experiencing, and how we felt about the different platforms.

Diigo Articles

We were asked to post articles on Diigo weekly, so our class and future classes would have articles to have discussions about. But at the end of the semester, I feel like we just have a hoard of articles, photos, and videos.

I feel like it would make more sense to incorporate these postings in class. There was maybe 1 or 2 times that this happened out of the whole semester. But not frequently enough for how frequently we were asked to share. Maybe a semester schedule is planned out with a theme for each week, and for that week, students bring in articles, videos, pictures, or infographs that match those themes to discuss. These themes could also help students plan out their “class discussion” for the semester.

Research Paper

I did not agree with the research paper we had to do. The main purpose, I believe, was to spread the word of the Undergraduate Research Showcase. But, the paper we were asked to create was a paper I had to write in Technical Writing. And I wasn’t the only student who had already taken that class, and written that paper. It does not make sense to do something twice.

The class was not an english class; we could have been doing other things that really pertained to the class. And ultimately, the plan to enter them into the showcase did not work out.


I do not mean to offend you with my opinions. I know that they may not come across kindly, but I only made them to give you the honest student perspective and hope they will be taken into consideration.


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