Kitty Update!

Last year, I had my families cat Nala, and her two new kitties living with me. Everyday, I would send a group text to my family with a “kitty update”. As a matter of fact, I would send multiple kitty updates in one day! Because why not? It would be selfish of me to keep the cuteness to myself!

So, I started thinking last week. . .why did I not do a kitty update for my blog throughout the semester?!?! It would have helped me make my “quota” of 2-3 posts a week, and it could have been “my thing”. Because, let’s be honest. . .I rock at kitty updates!

So, I will share with you, the fur baby in my life.

knivesSink This is Knives.

She is one of the original “kitty update” kitties. She is one of the best stress relievers in my life, and I don’t know what I would do without her.

And as a bonus (lucky you!), here she is again!

knivesLilac (Knives with a lilac blossom)

Kitty Update. Better late, than never! You’re welcome WordPress world. . .you are welcome =]


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