Big Eyes

Last week, I watched Tim Burton’s movie, Big Eyes. And first off, I HIGHLY recommend watching it!


The movie covers the story of Margaret Keane and her artwork known as “Big Eyes”.

margaretKeane(Margaret Keane and Amy Adams)

bigEyes(an example of Margaret Keane’s artwork)

Long story short: Margaret Keane married Walter Keane, and started signing her paintings with her new last name. Walter then started taking credit for the paintings, and people bought it. Margaret would paint, and Walter would get all the glory and credit.

This movie and story directly spoke to me. As a student in Digital Media Technology, I design all the time. The topic of copyright and credit for one’s work comes up all the time in this degree. Margaret’s story gave a great snapshot/explanation for what it’s like to not get credit for the work that you create. In the movie, it explained how much it hurt to see her paintings being adored by so many people, and not being able to tell anyone that SHE was the one who created it.


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