Social Media Experience

It’s been awhile since I gave an overall update with the social media platforms I have chosen to use this semester. So…here’s an overall update!

Snapchat: I have really slowed down in my usage of Snapchat. Everyone I have on Snapchat, I have in my contacts. I rather communicate and share photos through text. The main joy I get from it is the ability to add emojis to the photos.


Score Before: 448
Score Currently: 544


Tumblr: I am loving Tumblr lately. I have just reached 50 posts!


followers = 3
following = 5

followers = 4
following = 19

LinkedIn: I have gone from a “beginner” level on LinkedIn, to “expert” in a short time just by adding 3 jobs to my experience and 2 “jobs” to my volunteer experience. I still need to add more, but it is a huge improvement from where I started!


Connections Before: 15
Connections Currently: 23

*The “headings” for Tumblr and LinkedIn should have links that go to my pages. If you want to check out the information for yourself, then click away!


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