Bullying on Tumblr

I was on Tumblr the other day, when I ran across a post: About xkit guy and why he left us.

Now, I don’t know much about XKit, but what I do know is XKit is an extension maintained by Atesh, or “xkit guy”. You can add the extension to Tumblr to make it more user friendly. From what I understand, Tumblr’s user interface continues to worsen with every update, so people download XKit to make Tumblr look and work the way they would like it.

I will just give a brief summary of the post, and if you would like more information, then you can read the article yourself. Here’s the link again: About xkit guy and why he left us.

Basically, xkit guy was reported to The Abusers and Predators page on Tumblr for “harassing” another user, with no actual proof. Tumblr did not confirm this act of harassment, but they did ask others to step forward if they had the same experience: nobody did. That was enough to begin the huge waves of hate mail though. And now, apparently, xkit guy has left Tumblr.

Why do people do this? Does anybody form their own thoughts and ideas anymore? What happened to doing your research, finding the evidence, and checking your source’s credibility? This doesn’t just apply to Tumblr and xkit guy. It happens EVERYWHERE! EVERYDAY!

Maybe, if everyone took the amount of energy and time they take out of their day to ruin someone elses, and turned it into something positive, then MAYBE we could change things that actually matter.


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