Social Media Experience: Tumblr

I finally dived into Tumblr over spring break. When I first started using it, I noticed that the site had problems with loading some posts on my laptop and phone. It was a little frustrating. I also feel like searching for posts that I would enjoy is a little difficult to find, but that could be due to that fact that I don’t have Tumblr completely figured out yet.

It kind of reminds me of Pinterest: you search through multiple visual posts, and then you save them by reblogging or pinning them. I do enjoy using Pinterest more though. I find it easier to navigate through the information, and it’s easier to organize. On Tumblr, you can add tags and find your posts through your tags, but on Pinterest, all I have to do is go to my boards and select whatever category I want to go back and look at.

With that said, I think Tumblr is actually starting to grow on me. My sister has been helping me and gave me a list of blogs to follow, and I’ve found that the more people you follow, the more interesting your dashboard gets. Because of this, I’ve been opening the Tumblr app on my phone more often to read through everything. Yesterday, I finally made my 25th post, and got a lovely email from Tumblr about it. It gave me the option to post this success to my blog. . .so I did!


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