Digital Media vs Copyright Outline

Intro/Thesis: According to the article “Definition of Digital Media”, created by, on WikiSpaces, “digital media is digitized content that can be transmitted over the internet or computer networks. This can include text, audio, video, and graphics.” The sharing of this content or digital media has become easier and is just a click away. New ways to share this content arise every day. With the growth of technology comes the conflict of protecting ones work and thoughts or ideas. This comes down to the issue between digital media and copyright.

The following points will be the main ideas of my research paper in support of my thesis:

The purpose of the copyright law
Define the problem between copyright and digital media
Social media’s role with digital media and copyright
Conflicts with digital media, copyright, and fair use
Steps being taken to prevent copyright infringement, and why it’s not successfully doing so (Watermarking & Digital Millennium Copyright Act)


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