I Wanna Play Too!

One of my favorite memories with my siblings (I have two brothers and a sister) was around Christmas. We got the new Super Mario Bros. game for the Wii. We played it for the next week until we beat it, and for once, no one was running through the house screaming and fighting. It was the longest amount of time that all four of us got along!

So, last night, I went to my parents house to do my homework, instead of the school (knowing that I wouldn’t be nearly as productive). I really enjoy spending time with my family, and it’s important to me to stay in contact with them, even if they are only a few minutes away. Most times, when I go home though, my parents are watching TV and my siblings are playing video games, and usually, the game of choice is Destiny. . .

I always end up in my sister’s room while I’m home to see how she’s doing and share our “awkward moment” stories. At some point between the time I get home and finally have a chance to talk to her, one of my brothers will come rushing into her room and will say something along the lines of, “We’re getting ready to do a raid, and we need one more person. You wanna join?” Buzz kills my night. Every. Time.

So, when I told my sister that I was leaving last night, she stopped talking to my brother through her headset to quickly say, “Bye, love you,” while her eyes stayed glued to the TV. I usually get a hug and some eye contact!

It made me feel sooo sad! Not because I didn’t get my usual hug and meaningful “I love you”, but because I was missing out on some quality time with my siblings. . .through a headset. I am jealous; I want to play with them, talk to them about it later, and know all of the inside jokes! You know, like when we all played Super Mario Bros. together!

Although it sucks for me, and I’m starting to feel more left out the more I’m writing about this, I think it’s great that they can all communicate with each other through this game. As much as I’d love to connect with my siblings, I definitely won’t be buying a PS4 anytime soon, so I’ll stick to fighting for their attention when I come home -_-


One thought on “I Wanna Play Too!

  1. billgx says:

    I really love this because it provides a snapshot of your life at this point in time to the reader. It depicts a time of transition, a longing to return to childhood and a realization that these siblings too will soon follow in your footsteps. Do you wonder if they realize how great they have it right now? Do you think they appreciate the lives they are living right now, or simply take it for granted not realizing how very close they are to moving on like you have, never fully able to return?

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