Week #1: Self Evaluation

We ended this week with having to evaluate ourselves. There is a specific list of requirements that we have to do in order to earn certain grades in the class. At the beginning, we had to write down the grade we believed that we would earn in the class. In this evaluation, we have to select the grade we believe we would earn right this moment, answer whether it’s the same we put at the beginning, and justify why they are or are not the same.

I originally stated I would earn an A. I believe I have an A in this course right now because:

  • I have attended all classes with no unexcused absences or tardies
  • I have posted an average of 2 blogs each week
  • I have already started documenting my “social media prowess” through my blog
  • I have been making contributions to class discussion every class period
  • I have already started experimenting with 3 new social media platforms, have documented on my blog, and mentioned my experiences in class
  • I have posted my blog and twitter to class Wiki when asked to
  • I had my topic posted on the class Wiki and approved by the instructor in class by the time it was “due”
  • I have already started to give classmates comments about their social media platforms
  • I have been communicating with others outside of class through social media
  • I have read all of the assigned readings and had my question prepared before every class
  • I have posted an article to Diigo
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