Job Titles for Project

This covers the different roles I’ve played in my project so far, and what is yet to come. To start, I knew I did some directing and producing, but I wasn’t completely sure what the difference was between the two. This article, Film Director Vs. Film Producer(Crash Course), from Symmetry Entertainment explains exactly what its title states.

To summarize, it says “Directors are creative people” and “Producers are action people”. Directors create the vision in front of the camera from camera movement to how the set/cast looks. On the other hand, producers make sure that vision comes true by finding a film crew and actors, among many other jobs.

So far in my project so far, I have played the role of a screenwriter, director, producer, actor, locating, and camera operator.

Screenwriter: I did this when I created the story line for my project

Director: This came together when I actually visualized what I wanted my film to look like and created a storyboard. To further that, I then found where I wanted the camera to be and what angle to capture. I directed the visual looks of my cast too. I let the gunfighters and Audrey know what they needed to wear. I also helped the dancers with what they needed to wear, how dark their makeup needed to be, and how to wear their hair.

Producer: I gathered the dancers together and reached out to one of the gunfighters to help me get the other gunfighters to help out. I also found help to film my video(run the cameras).

Actor: This was obviously through performing as a Can Can Dancer.

Locating: I picked the place to perform and received permission to perform there.

Camera Operator: For the majority of the film, I operated the camera. The only time I didn’t was when I had a second camera or was actually performing.

My job now will be to begin editing my video through Adobe’s Premiere and After Effects. Once I’m finished editing, I will then promote my product through social media.



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