Final Filming Preparation

To prepare for the day, I took video of my brother doing a walk through of the video so I knew where I wanted the camera and the different ways I wanted to film certain scenes for editing later. I went through and roughly pieced the video together. Right away, I noticed it definitely helped me understand what I needed/wanted to do.

This process helped me:

  • where I wanted to set the camera
  • the different angles to take in case I decided I wanted a different view of a scene when editing
  • change ideas from my storyboard( e.g. instead of Audrey walking from out of the jail house to the banner, I have her entering onto the screen to banner )
  • find places in the video where 2 cameras would be more beneficial than one
  • where to cut the video into different scenes so I didn’t have long on going scenes

The image below is what my final checklist was for filming



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