Video Preparation Checklist

This weekend is my last chance to fine tune my process and prepare as much as possible for Saturday, April 19th. This weekend I will head down to the Alamo Saloon around the time that I will be filming and do a run through with the schools cameras and equipment.


  • 2 video cameras
  • 2 tripods

Rough Video/Video Setup

  • edit rough footage this week
  • take notes
  • apply to footage with actual camera this weekend
  • get footage around same time of filming (9am) this weekend
  • edit the new rough footage
  • note the angle of camera, what equipment is needed & not needed
  • find a pathway for the camera while filming


  • arrange tables so camera can move through smoothly
  • remove table cloths
  • hide cd player
  • remove picture boards
  • remove card board from floor
  • put new light bulbs in stage lights
  • hide the sanitizer, red solo cup, menus, post card stand, and fly swatter from bar
  • take down paper signs on saloon doors
  • release swinging saloon doors
  • pin back main doors


  • 23 8-counts with 3 ending counts (1, 2, 3)
  • perform on stage for first 15 8-counts
  • dance in crowd for 6 8-counts
  • head toward stage for 2 8-counts
  • kick with crowd members for 1 8-count
  • end routine

Prop and character checklist

  • can can skirts, tops, bloomers, shoes, garters, fish nets, feathers, makeup
  • hang banner
  • cards
  • poker chips
  • sarsaparilla bottles
  • main character – Audrey
  • bartender
  • piano player
  • cancan dancers
  • dancer 1 – Dariane
  • dancer 2 – Malorie
  • dancer 3 – P aige
  • dancer 4 – Sarah
  • dancer 5 – Savannah

Rough guestimate of video length

  • whole can can song will play, so at least 2:00 long

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