Lighting and Photography/Videography

Creative Photography: When is the best time of day to shoot?

This article, which is linked in red above, goes over the different forms of natural light you get during the different times of the day. It covers dawn, sunrise, morning, midday, afternoon, sunset, and dusk.

I’ll be filming around morning and hopefully I’ll be close to finished around midday. Morning still gives off good light, with soft shadows. Midday is the worst time to film because that’s when the sun is at its highest point. This creates harsh shadows. If my shoot happens to go into midday, the next best thing you can hope for are clouds. Since the majority of my film will be inside of the Alamo Saloon, hopefully this will not be too much of an issue.

The best thing I can do to try to be as prepared for the shoot as far as set up and lighting goes is to go down to Old Abilene Town around the time I will be filming.

My “cast” will be showing up around 9a.m. When they show up, the first thing I will have them do is sign release forms before filming them. If I show up at least an hour before, and get everything organized, hopefully this process won’t take too long.  Another factor I have to keep in mind is I have one person who I will be filming outside, so I may have them show up an hour before everyone else so I don’t run out of good natural light.


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