Research: Release Forms

I know that I could use Fair Use for this project since it’s for school, but because I want to use it for outside of school purposes I need to treat it like so. Plus, the practice definitely doesn’t hurt! So, for the use of my release form. . .

Who is considered to be a minor in the state of Kansas?

I tried finding what is actually considered a minor in the state of Kansas for client/talent release forms. The definition changes with each situation though. For instance, anyone 18+ is considered a legal adult. But, when it comes to alcohol, anyone younger than 21 is a minor. On the other hand, the legal age for consent in Kansas is 16. So, for signing a release form, is a minor anyone under the age of 18 or 16? To be safe, until I find out, I am considering anyone under the age of 18 to be a minor in the state of Kansas. Therefore, anyone who is a minor will need the signature of a parent of legal guardian.

Releases for Use in Film and Video

This article shows five common release forms.

Out of the five, there are three that mostly apply to my situation.

1. General Release (non-actors) – This will be used for the gunfighters and any extras that are 18+.

2. Minor Release (need signed by a parent or legal guardian) – The majority of my Can Can Dancers are still in high school and not 18 yet, so this will be useful for them and any other extras.

3. Location Release (photography/film/etc. on property that you do not own) – I do not own Old Abilene Town. I have received permission to film there, but to be on the safe side, I should have a board member sign a release form as well.

This means that I will need to make a release form that applies to each situation.

The Shut Up And Shoot Documentary Guide

This book has a list of “Talent Release Form Essentials” on page 192 that I should keep in mind when making my own release forms. It includes:

  • Name of subject
  • Subject contact info
  • Title of project
  • Producer and production company
  • Compensation (usually none for subjects)
  • Usage (documentary, Web site, ads, etc.)
  • Signature of subject
  • Signature of filmmaker
  • Date

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