Updated Checklist for Sophomore Project

  1. Get permission to film in the Saloon: I called one of the members of the Historic Old Abilene Town board and received permission to film.
  2. Rough outline of my video proposal: Proposal (video project description)
  3. Make a schedule: Project Plan/Schedule
  4. Do research on storytelling: Storytelling Research
  5. Do research on filming
  6. Do research on release forms: Research: Release Forms
  7. Find examples of videos that resemble what I’d like to accomplish: Video Examples
  8. Make an outline/rough draft: Rough Draft/Outline
  9. Make a rough storyboard: Rough Storyboard
  10. Make a more in depth storyboard with still shots
  11. Work on revisions if needed
  12. Make final “script”
  13. Make client release forms
  14. Research How To: video techniques
  15. Research How To: After Effects
  16. Find volunteers including gun fighters
  17. Find a recording day: Filming Date
  18. Record
  19. Edit
  20. Finish!

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