First Rough Draft/Outline

This is the main storyline I’d like to follow. I haven’t thought of any subtitles for the beginning or end of the video. 

Rough Storyline

  • Character checks the banner hanging outside in Old Abilene Town that has the performance times on it for the Can Can Dancers
  • Looks at phone to see what time it is (concept: phone shows that we’re in the 21st century)
  • Look at the saloon and sees a cowboy rushing into the saloon (concept: it’s a show you can’t miss)
  • Walks toward the saloon and you can hear music, and as you get closer, the music gets louder
  • Walk through the double doors to see cowboys, barmaids, etc. having fun (drinking, eating, playing poker, etc.) (concept: when you walk into the saloon, you step back in time, witness the past)
  • You hear the Can Can start as dancers start coming out onto the stage
  • As the girls come out, the saloon goers begin to clap along with the girls and the music
  • You look around at everything going on, the bar, the piano, the stage and dancers (concept: a glance at what all is in the Alamo Saloon) (this could happen either when you walk into the saloon, or at the beginning of the dance)
  • A few of the dancers or all of the dancers jump out into the crowd to dance with the crowd
  • A dancer comes over to the character and reaches her hand out to them (asking to dance) (concept: you’re not just there to watch the show, you are part of the show!)
  • The show ends with the character and dancers on the stage


  • Original Idea: have the film in first person up until the dancer reaches out to dance with the character. When the character reaches out their hand to dance, they’re pulled out of their seat (pulled out of first person into third person) to reveal that the character is a kid (concept: shows that this is a family friendly show)
  • If there’s trouble with first person point of view, then I could do it from third person the whole time, still with a kid
  • The child’s family could be in the Alamo Saloon the whole time so it’s not like the kid was wondering around Old Abilene Town all alone.

The next step from here will be to make my storyboard. Hopefully the subtitles will come to me while I’m making the storyboard. After that, I will look into any revisions needed for my storyline.


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