Storytelling Research

I looked into storytelling and the process of making a story and telling it. These are a few articles and video that I found to be useful.

Pixar’s Motto: Going From Suck to Nonsuck

These are the main points from the article that I liked:
1. it’s easier to fix mistakes than to avoid them completely
2. your story will suck at first, and there will be many revisions to your writing and storyboards
3. the quicker you fail, the less time you spend physically and emotionally in a piece of work

The 22 rules of storytelling, according to Pixar

Not everything applied to me in this article, but I felt that it was a good place to start creating a full story. One piece of advice I liked was that you should always write your ideas down. If your ideas and/or story stays in your head, then it will never be shared.

How to Create a Storyboard for Your Video Shoot

This video gives a nice quick explanation of what a storyboard is and tips for creating one.


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