Storytelling Research

I looked into storytelling and the process of making a story and telling it. These are a few articles and video that I found to be useful.

Pixar’s Motto: Going From Suck to Nonsuck

These are the main points from the article that I liked:
1. it’s easier to fix mistakes than to avoid them completely
2. your story will suck at first, and there will be many revisions to your writing and storyboards
3. the quicker you fail, the less time you spend physically and emotionally in a piece of work

The 22 rules of storytelling, according to Pixar

Not everything applied to me in this article, but I felt that it was a good place to start creating a full story. One piece of advice I liked was that you should always write your ideas down. If your ideas and/or story stays in your head, then it will never be shared.

How to Create a Storyboard for Your Video Shoot

This video gives a nice quick explanation of what a storyboard is and tips for creating one.


My Check List for the Video Project

1. Do research on storytelling

2. Find examples of videos that resemble what I’d like to accomplish: Video Examples

3. Make an outline/rough draft

4. Make a storyboard

5. Work on revisions if needed

6. Make final “script”

7. Make client release forms

8. Research How To: video techniques

9. Research How To: After Effects

10. Find volunteers including gun fighters

11. Find a recording Day

12. Record

13. Edit

14. Finish!

Digital Media Sophomore Project

Taking a step back from my last post, I’m working on a project for my Digital Media Sophomore Project. The last post has examples of techniques I would like to learn/accomplish in my own project. This is an explanation of what I hope for my project to be.

Historic Old Abilene Town’s Can Can Dancers

Final Format: 

New knowledge/techniques I will gain from this project:
After Effects
How to use video equipment other than the hand held or Smart phone camera.


This will be a video that will highlight the Can Can Dancers of Old Abilene Town.  It will take place in the Alamo Saloon in Old Abilene Town.  I would like to start the beginning of the video with a preview of all the past dancers.  I would like to turn it into a story by getting some volunteers along with my dancers to create the “old west” in the Alamo Saloon.  The video’s main focus will be the can can dancers. The point of this video is to hopefully spread the word about Old Abilene Town’s Can Can Dancers and show what entertainment is available in Abilene, KS.  I will be using Premiere and After Effects to edit my video and work with sound editing software to get the best quality sound. When it is finished, I plan on posting it to YouTube, Facebook, etc., and hopefully have Historic Old Abilene Town post it to their website (since they don’t have anything like this for the cancan dancers).

Video Examples for Sophomore Project

Historic Old Abilene Town is not what it used to be, so I gathered some videos to help me find different ways to portray it as a place that’s more alive than what it actually is. The videos below have good examples of lighting, imagery, angles, storytelling, and first person.


This was filmed in Old Abilene Town, so it’s a perfect example of how I could change Old Abilene Town, and specifically the Alamo Saloon, into a lively scene. The story itself is good, and is taken further with the lighting that helps set the mood, the background, and the scenery.  It has the style of ragtime and old western music in the background, great angles to tell the story, and good use of special effects and sounds.

Manchester University – Autumn on Campus – Promotional Video

This is a useful video to watch, because it shows how to use angles, lighting, and imagery to your advantage. The campus most likely is that beautiful, but you could take just about any scenery and make it look beautiful through those techniques. It’s something I will definitely need to take advantage of to make Old Abilene Town come to life.

How it Feels [through Google Glass]

Just like the other videos, this had good examples of lighting, imagery and scenery, but it also promoted the Google Glass very well. My favorite part about this video is the first person point of view, especially since I’m thinking about starting my video in a first person perspective.

“Point of View” a short film by Doug Smith

Another first person video.