Rough ‘Video’ Draft

How the video turns out depends on the material I end up with from the interview.

I will have Cody Brummet’s music playing throughout the video. 


Topic: Musicians in the Digital World


Introduction of Video:

Cody Brummet – start out with Cody playing his music

  • The footage will start with with Cody playing and then fade into the next clip
    • The volume level will be taken down so it’s not too loud throughout the film

 First Point: The history of making music and distributing it.

  • To be able to record your music, you had to have a lot of money.
  • For new artists to be discovered, you had to get your name out there by performing many live shows.  Hopefully your music/band will spread by word of mouth until someone with the money wanted to support your music.
  • Music distribution has evolved over the years from sheet music to vinyl to 8 tracks to cassette tapes to CDs to what we have now, being social media.

Second Point: Making and distributing music in Today’s world.

  • There are multiple ways to record your music, and it’s easier and cheaper than ever.
    • It’s cheaper to rent studio to do ‘professional’ recording for music.
    • Once your music is recorded it, all you have to do is upload it to the internet.
      • Social media is a great way to spread your music: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace,
      • Show this through a clip of uploading music online.
      • Due to this new technology, from recording your music to uploading it, it makes it possible for everyday musicians to become more successful and has given a new meaning to independent musicians.


End the clip the way it began –Cody playing and the film going out of focus and the music and video fading out


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