Working/Living Digitally – Video Sources

I did further research on the topic of “Catfish” through videos.  This is a collection of mostly YouTube videos with anything that deals with “Catfish” and/or will help me in the making of this documentary.

“Catfish” (the documentary)

The Dr Phil Show Catch Catfish Online Dating Predator

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Basics Tutorial

Catfish: Meeting the Girl in the Pictures

What is Catfish all about?

Why is it called “Catfish”?

“Catfish” Host Profiles Online Daters

Manti Te’o’s ‘Catfish’ Trap, Online Dating Scam Phenomenon

Manti Te’o Girlfriend Hoax Explained in Notre Dame Linebacker’s Own Words

Catfish: The TV Show – Season 2, Episode 15 – Keyonnah & Bow Wow (Speedy)

106 & Park: Bow Wow Finally Meets His Catfish


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