Living/Working Digitally Project – Sources

This semester, I’m taking Digital Media II, and the project we’re working on now deals with how the digital world we live in has made things possible that just couldn’t happen a few years ago without the technology we have now.  An example of this would be the woman who fell into a big fountain in the middle of a mall because she was texting on her cellphone. You can check the video out here:

We were to choose a topic that interested us enough to write a short research paper on and create a documentary about it.  I chose to work with the topic Catfish.  Long story short, Catfish is a documentary about a man, Nev, who starts an online relationship with a woman through Facebook.  Throughout the relationship, there were always excuses as to why they couldn’t video chat or why they couldn’t meet up in person.  By the end of the film, he finds out that the person he had been dating wasn’t who she claimed to be.  This eventually inspired Catfish: The TV Show, sharing similar stories like Nev’s.

In order to get started on my research, I have to gather sources.  These sources can be anything that will help me gather information for my topic and create my documentary (videos, articles, people, etc.).

1. Catfish the Documentary

2. The Dr. Phil Show Catch Catfish Online Dating Predator

3. “I met my bf online!”. (2013, 03). Seventeen, 72, 128. Retrieved from

4. How to record a video interview with Skype – Ecamm

5. Manti Te’o, I Know Exactly How You Feel 

6. Social Media: Are You Savvy or Addicted?

7. Facebook’s Generation Y Nightmare

8. Facebook Linked to One in Five Divorces in the United States

9. Your Digital Trail, and How It Can Be Used Against You

10. Stanley, T. L. (2006). Online-dating sites get stood up by consumers. Advertising Age, 77(16), 10. Retrieved from

11. Love at first byte; online dating. (2011, Jan 01). The Economist, 398, 51-54. Retrieved from

12. Tomb, D. (2013, 05). Is everyone faking it online? Seventeen, 72, 100. Retrieved from

13. “Catfish” Creator Nev Schulman talks finding love through social media – Derek Herscovici

14. Shut Up & Shoot: Documentary Guide by Artis

15. Shut UP & Shoot Freelance Video Guide by Artis

16. How to Create a Good Documentary Film

17. Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Basics Tutorial

18. How to Ask Interview Questions: Filmmaking Guide

19. Tips on Conducting the Documentary Interview

20.  How We View Online Dating

21. Catfish (CatfishMTV) Twitter account

22. Nev Schulman Twitter account

23. ‘Catfish’ Dissects Deceptions Swimmingly


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