Networking 1 Lab 7

Paige Piper
April 19, 2013 

Objective: Further understanding networks & subnets


  • Computer
  • Router
  • Switch
  • Command Prompt
  • CAT5 Cables

Notes and Observations:

Task 1: As a group, we decided to use 2 routers, making 3 subnets

Task 2: Using our imagination, we put one router in Salina and the other in Manhattan.  We made a network out of a laptop and desktop for Salina, and the same for Manhattan

Task 3: We chose to make a class B network or

Task 4: Since we only had 3 subnets, we only needed to borrow 2 bits, making our subnet mask

Task 5: Next, we assigned IP addresses, subnet masks, and gateways to where they need to be

Task 6: We configured each router with an IP address that linked back to its subnetwork

Task 7: After we built the network, we tested the “connectivity between all machines”

Forms, Diagrams, Charts: 


Conclusion:  Our group seemed to move pretty fast through the lab without many issues.  I used the command prompt once, which was slightly confusing, and I had to be helped through every step.  This lab helped me understand subnetting a little more, but not much; it was still pretty confusing.



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