Networking 1 Lab 04

Paige Piper

March 10, 2013

Objective: Making networks using switches and routers


  • Computers
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Cables
  • Command Prompt

Notes and Observations:

  • We were assigned groups, either “B” or “C”; my group was “C”
  • We gave each computer a unique IP address
  • To connect our computers to the switch in order to make our own network with our 3 computers, we first had to disconnect the computers from the schools network.
  • We pinged each computers IP address in group “C” to make sure that we were all connected and our network was working
  • After group “B” and “C” had their networks set up, we connected both switches to the router to make one big network
  • Group “C” pinged each computer on group “B” to make sure the switches were hooked up to the router right, and vice versa

Diagrams, flowcharts, and figures:

Group C IP addresses (gateway =


Group B IP addresses (gateway =




Compare and contrast the IANA and ARIN…

  • Internet Assigned Numbers Authority(IANA) is “responsible for coordinating some of the key elements that keep the internet running smoothly”
  • American Registry for Internet Numbers(ARIN) a “corporation that manages the distribution of IPv4 and IPv6 address space and Autonomous System numbers”

What are some reasons behind updating the TCP/IP protocol with a new IPv6 standard?

  • IPv4 is depleted

What are some reasons to continue to use the IPv4 standard?

  • Practice using it

What is the highest OSI layer the computers are currently communicating with?

  • Transport Layer

How did you check connectivity?

  • Ping the computers


This lab helped me understand switches, routers, and networks more.  Some problems we ran into were pinging computers.  If someone’s firewall was up, then we couldn’t ping it, also when we tried pinging the other groups computers the only one that would work was the one directly connected.  We found that you have to know what wires are connected to what interface.  Another issue that I had was that it was hard to keep up and understand what was going on when people in our group went ahead and did things without involving the rest of us who weren’t familiar with this stuff.  Fortunately one of my partners tried to explain what was somewhat going on.


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