Week 4 Overview: Networking

So, I already talked about week 4 in my last blog, so that’s my mistake!  I’ll just go into week 4 more in this blog.  Last week in Networking, we didn’t have class on Monday, due to an anticipated snow/ice storm that never actually came, so that was nice! On Wednesday we took a test, and I realized that I should have studied more.  The only thing I learned from taking the test was that I don’t know very much…I REALLY need to study!  Friday we had lab and briefly went over lab 3, since we missed that day, and did lab 4.  In lab 4 I got a better understanding of switches, networks, and routers.  We made two separate networks using switches and then connected the networks with the router.  As we made each network, we pinged each other to make sure that it was actually working/connecting.  I struggled learning it a bit since I wasn’t very involved in the process, but again, my partner helped me understand it more.


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