Week 4 in Digital Media I

This week, I accomplished a few things, some on time and some not so much.  In Digital Media, we were to narrow our selection of subjects down to three for our Black History Month assignment and write a half page paper over each person/event along with any neccessary pictures.  I also took my “I am from…” poem and made it into a poster that you can download as a PDF at https://ppiper.wordpress.com/2013/02/18/i-am-from-poster/

This weekend I also did my media fast where I was to live without media for 24 hrs, except I epically failed that.  I understood the point of the assignment, which is to step back and see how it affects our lives and to have a greater appreciation for it afterwards.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be(even though I didn’t make it far), but we discussed it in class today, and it would have been better towards the beginning of the semester when our schedules weren’t so full.

For my daily creates this week, I uploaded pictures to flickr of something that I created and someone snuggled up in a blanket.  


Snugly blanket



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