24 Hours without Media!

For Digital Media, we were to do a media fast for 24 hours.  This includes texts, calls, music, newspapers, etc.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it since I have to use computers Monday-Friday (you run into that problem, especially when your major happens to be Digital Media).  So I knew I could only do it Saturday or Sunday, and I spend the weekends with my boyfriend, Dustin.  

This weekend I spent 24 hours doing the media fast…well kind-a-sorta.  I tried to do it Saturday, and I woke up around 10:30.  Everything was going good until Dustin and I decided to go to the grocery store, and we listened to music the way there and back.  Just an hour into my media fast, and I had already failed and gave up for the day.

I gave it another go today though, and I am counting the time I went to sleep around 1 am.  I’m sticking to that because no where in the rules did it say I couldn’t count the time I went to sleep till I woke up.  Plus with all the drama the day had in store for me, the amount of time I made it is pretty pathetic, so I need those hours!  Anyway, I woke up in the morning and Dustin went to work around 8, so not being able to do my homework and too lazy to do anything in general, I gladly procrastinated and went back to sleep.  I drifted in and out of sleep till 1 pm (that’s 12 hours!) until the drama of the day came, and I to get a hold of Dustin.

Overall, I found, mostly Saturday, that when I was attempting the media fast, I listened to music or walked past the TV and found myself standing there staring at it, without even thinking.  I’m so used to having media around me and using it whenever I get bored and am too lazy to do anything else.  It can be a horrible crutch, but it sure does come to the rescue when you need it!


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