Week 2 Overview: Networking

This week in Networking we covered Networking Hardware and the OSI Model & the 7 layers.  I was one of the note takers for Networking Hardwares and posted/added to the KSU Networking Wiki for the topic.  To be honest, I’ve never worked with networking hardware, and I’ve never really looked into it.  I did find it interesting that, by looking at the first 24 bits of the MAC address, you can find the manufacturer of the device.  We covered repeaters/hubs, bridges/switches, and routers.  In the OSI model, repeaters/hubs are on layer 1(which is the bottom layer), bridges/switches are on layer 2, and routers are on layer 3.

I really enjoyed the discussion over OSI Model & the 7 layers.  I loved that the class period was fun and up beat; it made me want to pay attention.  Also, comparing things like the IP to a paperboy really helped me understand these terms a LOT more.  You have to keep in mind, this is all new, so paper boys and Lindsay Lohan as the TCP really helps me remember things that I normally wouldn’t!  To help us remember the layers from the bottom up, our instructor taught us PDNTSPA (please do not throw sausage pizza away).  It stands for, physical, data link, network, transport, and the last 3 higher layers…which I don’t really know what those are called.


Overall, it was definitely a week full of new information, and quite a bit to take in, but when Lindsay Lohan and sausage pizza is involved, it strangely makes more sense!


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