Week 3 in Digital Media I

Week three for me felt busy yet slow.  My procrastination definitely got the best of me, but I did finish a daily create earlier than usual!  I made a blog post of an acrostic poem on Monday about the clothes I was wearing that day.

Monday’s Wardrobe:  https://ppiper.wordpress.com/2013/02/05/mondays-wardrobe/

Today I narrowed my top 10 choices of important black history figures from my list to three, and did a little more research on Eva Jessye, Langston Hughes, and Leon K. Hughes.


For my last daily create assignment, I recorded four sounds related to on daily activity.  I would tell you what it is, but you’ll have to go listen for yourself to figure out what the activity is! (don’t worry, you won’t struggle with it at all!)

What’s that activity? :  https://soundcloud.com/paigep92/whats-that-activity


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