Black History Month Proposal

In my Digital Media 1 class, we are doing a project and learning about the ties between famous African-Americans and our state, Kansas.  We are to come up with a list of 10 possible ideas to cover to make a final of 3 different posters.

My Proposal:

  1. Langston Hughes – a poet, known for his jazz poetry
  2. Gordon Parks – photographer, musician, film maker and writer
  3. Gwendolyn Brooks – poet
  4. Hattie McDaniel – American actress, and first African-American to win Academy award
  5. Brown v. Board of Education – lawsuit that ended segregation of schools
  6. Nicodemus – an exoduster community of ex-slaves
  7. “Buffalo Soldiers” and Fort Lander – black soldiers who were given the nickname “buffalo soldiers” from the Indians who respected them
  8. Rosie & Leon K. Hughes – Leon, a self-taught photographer, whose wife and him had a home business
  9. Eva Jessye – a pioneer of African American music and known as the first black woman to be a choral director
  10. William Dominick Matthews – born a freeman who helped escaped slaves



4 thoughts on “Black History Month Proposal

  1. Your first 3 choices would work really good together. Their career paths are similar and could be used as a common piece between your posters. With Langston Hughes and Gwendolyn Brooks you could put snippets of their work around the posters. Same can be done with Gordon Parks writings. Great list altogether though.

  2. a7xpetrock says:

    Great list! There are a lot of recurring subjects in other peoples lists, such as Gordon Parks and Brown vs. board of education

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