Networking 1 Lab01

Networking 1 Lab 1

February 1, 2013
Paige Piper

Objectives: The objective is to refresh making the basics of a web page and posting material online.

Equipment list:

  • PC with internet access
  • Notepad++

Notes and Observations:

  • Task 1: The first task was to write the code, in notepad++, for a webpage for a lab report.  I copied what was on the handout and ran the program in Chrome to ensure all the links worked.
  • Task 2: The second task was to publish webpages on a web server, but the web server wasn’t working.  As an alternative, I put my three html files into a compressed folder and emailed it to my instructor.
  • Task 3: We were to make a blog or our own webpage to post our lab reports and overview of the topics covered in our Networking 1 class of the week.  I already had a blog set up on WordPress, so I will be using that blog to post my lab reports.
  • Task 4: This task consisted of joining the class’s wiki and adding an internet/networking term to the Glossary.  I added the term and definition of gateway.
  • Task 5: The last task was to join Diigo and the KSU Networking Group and share a webpage.  I added an article from Network World about Samsung and Apple.  It talks about how Samsung, who’s in second place, smartphones are catching up to Apple, which is still the top seller.  While Samsung continues to rise to the top, Apple is slowly slipping.

Diagrams, flowcharts, and figures: N/A



  1. What is the HTML code used that makes this link (the hyperlink pointing to page2)?
    • The attribute <a> </a> is called an anchor which is what makes pages link to other pages.

Conclusions: The major problem I ran into was that my computer wouldn’t start up, but it was easily fixed by using my laptop instead.  Overall, this experiment was very successful.  It refreshed my memory of writing HTML code, and showed me how to bookmark on Diigo and edit the Networking Wiki, which will all aid in my success in the class.  I didn’t think I’d think this, but I thought it was a good idea to find a networking article to bookmark, because I normally don’t read those type of articles and it turned out to be interesting, especially since I have a Samsung laptop (even though it’s not a smartphone) and an iPhone 4.


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