Sounds All Around Me

For Digital Media I, we were to record 10 interesting sounds that we heard around our environments on a daily basis.

All of the sounds related to the assignment are found in the folder “Surrounding Sounds”.


Week 4 in Digital Media I

This week, I accomplished a few things, some on time and some not so much.  In Digital Media, we were to narrow our selection of subjects down to three for our Black History Month assignment and write a half page paper over each person/event along with any neccessary pictures.  I also took my “I am from…” poem and made it into a poster that you can download as a PDF at

This weekend I also did my media fast where I was to live without media for 24 hrs, except I epically failed that.  I understood the point of the assignment, which is to step back and see how it affects our lives and to have a greater appreciation for it afterwards.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be(even though I didn’t make it far), but we discussed it in class today, and it would have been better towards the beginning of the semester when our schedules weren’t so full.

For my daily creates this week, I uploaded pictures to flickr of something that I created and someone snuggled up in a blanket.  


Snugly blanket


24 Hours without Media!

For Digital Media, we were to do a media fast for 24 hours.  This includes texts, calls, music, newspapers, etc.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it since I have to use computers Monday-Friday (you run into that problem, especially when your major happens to be Digital Media).  So I knew I could only do it Saturday or Sunday, and I spend the weekends with my boyfriend, Dustin.  

This weekend I spent 24 hours doing the media fast…well kind-a-sorta.  I tried to do it Saturday, and I woke up around 10:30.  Everything was going good until Dustin and I decided to go to the grocery store, and we listened to music the way there and back.  Just an hour into my media fast, and I had already failed and gave up for the day.

I gave it another go today though, and I am counting the time I went to sleep around 1 am.  I’m sticking to that because no where in the rules did it say I couldn’t count the time I went to sleep till I woke up.  Plus with all the drama the day had in store for me, the amount of time I made it is pretty pathetic, so I need those hours!  Anyway, I woke up in the morning and Dustin went to work around 8, so not being able to do my homework and too lazy to do anything in general, I gladly procrastinated and went back to sleep.  I drifted in and out of sleep till 1 pm (that’s 12 hours!) until the drama of the day came, and I to get a hold of Dustin.

Overall, I found, mostly Saturday, that when I was attempting the media fast, I listened to music or walked past the TV and found myself standing there staring at it, without even thinking.  I’m so used to having media around me and using it whenever I get bored and am too lazy to do anything else.  It can be a horrible crutch, but it sure does come to the rescue when you need it!

I am from. . . Poster

In my Digital Media class, we made I am from… poems.  After that, we uploaded a final draft with photos to our websites, in this case, my blog.  The final process was to turn this assignment into a poster.  I made it in PDF form, i am from, and it is available for download!.

Week 2 Overview: Networking

This week in Networking we covered Networking Hardware and the OSI Model & the 7 layers.  I was one of the note takers for Networking Hardwares and posted/added to the KSU Networking Wiki for the topic.  To be honest, I’ve never worked with networking hardware, and I’ve never really looked into it.  I did find it interesting that, by looking at the first 24 bits of the MAC address, you can find the manufacturer of the device.  We covered repeaters/hubs, bridges/switches, and routers.  In the OSI model, repeaters/hubs are on layer 1(which is the bottom layer), bridges/switches are on layer 2, and routers are on layer 3.

I really enjoyed the discussion over OSI Model & the 7 layers.  I loved that the class period was fun and up beat; it made me want to pay attention.  Also, comparing things like the IP to a paperboy really helped me understand these terms a LOT more.  You have to keep in mind, this is all new, so paper boys and Lindsay Lohan as the TCP really helps me remember things that I normally wouldn’t!  To help us remember the layers from the bottom up, our instructor taught us PDNTSPA (please do not throw sausage pizza away).  It stands for, physical, data link, network, transport, and the last 3 higher layers…which I don’t really know what those are called.


Overall, it was definitely a week full of new information, and quite a bit to take in, but when Lindsay Lohan and sausage pizza is involved, it strangely makes more sense!

Networking 1 Lab02

Networking 1 Lab 2

February 8, 2013

Paige Piper

Objectives: The objective is to familiarize ourselves to CAT5 UTP cables, connectors, and punch-down tools.

Equipment list:

  • CAT5 UTP cable
  • Wire cutters/Scissors
  • Wire stripper
  • Crimp tool
  • 2 RJ-45 connectors
  • Network system
  • Patch panel
  • Punch-down tool

Notes and Observations:

  • Task 1: We worked on making a straight-through cable that is used to connect the computer’s NIC to a hub.  I took the wire stripper and removed the sheath about ½ inch down so I was able to separate the wires.  I untwisted the wires and arranged the like shown in fig. 1, carefully put it into the connector, and used to the crimp tool to connect it .  I did this to the other side and tested it to make sure it worked.
  • Task 2: crossover cable
  • Task 3: n/a
  • Task 4: I used the wire strippers again to remove the sheath, and then I made space between the twisted wires, untwisting it as little as possible.  Then I slipped the wires in the correct order on the patch panel used the punch-down tool to
  • Task 5: I did not do the last project, but my group talked to the instructor about it.

Diagrams, flowcharts, and figures:





  1. Why is it important to not untwist the cables any more than necessary?
    • Less interference

Conclusions: I mixed up the wires and had to redo it twice, when making the straight-through cable and putting into the connector.  It was definitely tough straightening out the wires and making sure they stay in the right order while putting them in the connector.  This lab was all a new experience to me, and taught me a lot.  I’ve never worked with cables or punch-down tools and patch panels, and I found out, especially if it’s new, that the process can be very time consuming.

Leon K. Hughes

ImageLeon K Hughes and his wife Rosie lived in Wichita, Kansas.  Leon was a self-taught photographer who had his own photography business at home with his wife, who was also his assistant photographer.  For three decades, Leon captured the African American families and his community on film.  He was the go to photographer in Wichita for church and civic events, weddings, celebrations, etc.  the Leon K. Hughes Photograph Collection has more than 2,700 images that range from black and white to colored photos.  His photography gave “an inside view of African American life” which normally wouldn’t be seen by the majority of the public.  He showed how families were in the community, their celebrations from weddings to birthdays, and much more.