Abstract Formalism


Abstract Formalism, defined on Wikipedia, is “the concept that a work’s artistic value is entirely determined by its form.”  To understand formalism, you have to know what form is.  Form is the shape of something, and the visual aspects that come together to make that shape.  Formalism is based off the usage of colors, lines, shapes, textures, etc.  Wiki says that everything you need to know about an abstract formalism is all in the painting itself: the reasoning for creating it, the history behind it, the meaning of it, etc.  Formalism is a way to understand art.


Abstract formalism is a style.  Style can be defined in two ways: technique and artistic movement.  Technique is taking in the overall look of the design and seeing how the different techniques were applie to the design.  Artistic movement is when you refer the design to a historical period such as deco.  When using style to create context, you have to think of what type of “theme” you want.  An example of this would be a website; are you aiming for a more business like approach or a high tech audience?



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