Chapter 4 Review Questions

1.  What is a contour drawing?

-A contour drawing consists of line that outline the object.

2.  How does variation of line thickness affect a drawing?

 -A variation of line thickness gives the illusion of volume.  A thick, or heavy, line appears to be more close               than a thin line.

3.  What are the three types of lines in regard to composition?

  1. Actual Line – an actual line is like it sounds; it’s like your usual lines that are right in front of you, and you don’t have to search for it.
  2. Implied Line – an implied line would be like a row of cars, even though it’s not a connected line, your eye still follows the row of cars like a line.
  3. Imaginary Line – an example of this would be an arrow.  The arrow points in a direction but there’s not a line following it; your eye just naturally follows the imaginary line created by the arrow.

4.  What is hatching?

-Hatching is a drawing technique made of lines that usually cross like a chain link fence.  Depending on how close or far apart the lines are depends on the effect you get.  For a deep, dark look, you would make your lines closer together, and for a light look they would be more spaced out.

5.  How can pixilation affect a curved line displayed on a monitor?

-Pixilation can make curved lines appear jagged.



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