New Media

In a world where we can see what everyone’s doing at just the click of a button, it’s easy to get lost in all of that juicy Facebook drama and forget where new media all started.  One of the first advances with media was photography, which later evolved into making motion pictures.  Motion pictures was a way to tell a story that was accompanied with live music, and shortly after that they were able to add recorded voices and sounds to the images.  The next big step in media was the TV.  Not only were you getting voices/sounds through a box, but you could view things as they were happening, whether they were close by or far away.  Computers were soon developed.  the computer started as a machine that could print some text but no graphics, but it has obviously evolved into tone of our main forms of communication.  This interaction between people and media is what has become known as “new media”.

There are still some similarities between new media and media in the past.  For example, we can still take photos and videos.  We can just do it more efficiently.  Everything is pretty much the same; the main thing that has changed i how we apply it to new technology and how we use it to communicate.  It all moves at a much faster pace and it’s easier to share our lives to the world.

The way new media is evolving, the media we know now will most likely be the old piece of junk we can’t wait to trade in for the most new and exciting thing in a few years, if not sooner.  As someone majoring in Digital Media, it will definitely affect my future, for I’ll have to keep up with all the new technology that will be coming out.  It’s impossible to say what we will be using in the future when we’re learning and creating technology as fast as we are.


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