Creativity is the use of the imagination or original ideas.

So, where does creativity come from? 

Well, from what I’ve read, I think creativity can come from everyday life; it’s called inspiration!  Depending on who you are, something as simple as a butterfly could inspire you.  Maybe you need a little more than an insect to get your creative juices flowing though, like. . . I’m not exactly sure because I’m lacking a little creativity/inspiration right now.  There’s inspiration all around us though, it just depends on how you take in your surroundings and your imagination.  Pretty much anything that can get the ideas moving around in your head can all be contributed to where creativity comes from.

What things do creative professionals do to be creative?

Professionals take in as much information as they can, whether they need it or not, so they can begin their creative process.  After they’ve collected all the information, then it’s time to start creating whatever it is that they need to.  Sometimes it comes to them, but other times it’s a little more difficult.  All there’s left to do after that, is to just relax and let their creative minds take over.

What are some things you can do to be more creative?

Like a professional, I could do more research for what I’m trying to be more creative for and just let the ideas come to me.  I could also take a step back from what I’m doing so I don’t become overwhelmed when I can’t think of anything to do with my projects/assignments, because as we all know, our creative juices don’t flow when we’re trying to force them through. 


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